Meeting Debbie

Posted on May 25, 2011


Today is May 5 and it’s Children’s Day here in Korea. Here, this day is considered a regular holiday. My friend Debbie or Deb is my high school classmate’s cousin. We’ve been chatting on FB and talking on the phone but we haven’t seen each other yet. Fortunately, she agreed to have a date with me today.

At first, we can’t decide where to go. Due to overexcitement, we thought of a lot of places. Finally, we decided to go to a coffee shop which would make our Tita Marilen (my high school classmate’s mom) happy. She’s an avid fan of Yoon Eun Hye and I remembered that she told me that we should visit the filming location of Coffee Prince and take pictures for her. Coincidentally, May 5 is also her birthday.

Last night, I tried to search for directions on how we can go there. I also contacted a friend who’ve been there before. The directions I got from the net and the one provided to me were the same.

1. Take subway Line 2 to Hongik University station. It’s marked in green on the map.
2. Go out through Exit 4.
3. Turn right at Seven Springs corner. Walk for around two blocks.
4. When you reach the end of the road, turn left.
5. Turn right on the first right turn you see. (Once you turn you will see a Family Mart to your left.)
6. Walk straight for about 500 meters, the street will go uphill midway.
At the end of the road you will find the coffee shop on the right side. Keep your eyes peeled because the shop is surrounded by trees

I took Subway Line 7 to Konkuk University Station and transferred to Line 2.

Deb and I decided to meet in exit 4. Upon arriving in Hongik University Station, I received a call from her saying that exit 4 is so far from the platform. Still, we decided to follow the directions given to us. After getting out of the station, we searched for Seven Springs but we can’t find it. We’ve been walking around the area for a couple of minutes when we decided to ask for directions from Korean girls. Of course, I let her ask them.

We found out that we should have taken exit 8. We still followed the rest of the directions and tadan!

 Won’t recognize the place if not for Han-Gyul’s car (feeling close)

Like what was mentioned in the reviews, the prices of their drinks is a bit expensive than the other shops but fortunately, we didn’t experience being treated in a rude manner. Overall, it was a smooth experience.

It wasn’t as cozy as other coffee shops but it’s the First Shop of Coffee Prince!

 The Chocolate Cake is good and I’m not being biased but their Iced Chocolate is not really something special

Everywhere you look at will remind you of the famous drama.


I’ve noticed that most of the people in the shop are tourists and a great number of them are Japanese.


 The famous wall painting. It is a must that you have your picture taken at this spot.

After hanging out in the coffee shop, Deb and I decided  to go around some more. We planned to watch a movie but the queue is very long so we then decided to go to Dongdaemun. We just stayed for a couple of minutes and then we went off to Myeongdong. Deb wants to see the store of Forever 21. Well, of course I want to go there too.

I’ve been raving about how Forever 21 clothes here are cheaper than in Philippines whenever I talk to my Filipino friends. Plus the store is way bigger than the one in SM Megamall, three floors of clothes, accessories and shoes plus the basement for the dressing rooms. Imagine how great their selections are.

We enjoyed Myeongdong further by buying some cosmetics and receiving the classic generous free samples.

 Some of the samples I received from the shops. You get some when you go inside their store and after purchasing from them. You read it right, by merely visiting their store you get a free item. A famous marketing strategy here in Korea.

Time flies so fast that we didn’t notice that it’s already late and we called it a day after Deb received a call from his hubby. It was just a day but we were able to make the most out of it.