Entrust Your Hair to a Korean

Posted on June 3, 2011


I have curly hair and mine is no ordinary curls, I always hear stylists refer to it as strong curls.  Whenever I have my hair straightened, I pity the stylists because I can see that they are having a hard time fixing my hair. I have high volume of hair plus it’s dry and damaged.

I started having my hair treated when I broke up with my first boyfriend. I was 16 years old then. The usual thing to do after a break up is to have a make over. Right girls?

That time, in the Philippines, Hair Relax was the hot stuff. They say that it’s milder and better than the ordinary hair straightening. Now, what’s in is Hair Rebonding. I was too timid and shy to go to the salon before so I always request for a home service. The hairdresser who treated my hair for the first time had been doing it for me until I graduated from college. She transferred her salon to another place and I know it would be difficult for her to visit me for a treatment so I had to look for someone else. This time I decided that I have to try having it done in a salon.

I remember I had a hard time choosing a salon. There were a lot of things I needed to consider. Top of the list would be the budget. If I go to a high end salon they always quote me a price of more than Php 5,000 which is equivalent to half of a month’s pay a regular Filipino employee gets. Second would be the location and the crowd. Like I mentioned, I’m timid and shy so I don’t like it when it’s crowded. Third is how the stylists look like. I’m always under the impression that how the stylists’ hair look like would be more likely the result of their work if they do my hair. It was tough because I was looking for an average priced treatment but of good quality.

One Sunday morning, I passed by a salon and I don’t know what I was thinking then. I impulsively went in and asked for a hair treatment. It lasted for 9 tiring hours. By the time the treatment is almost over, I’m about to lose my patience and is irritated. I know that it shouldn’t have taken that long. When I washed my hair after three days, the curls are back. I was asked to go back but there is no way I’m going to waste my day again. My hair was so badly damaged and so was my scalp. I didn’t have a treatment for more than a year after that.

Last December, I told myself that I should have my hair done again and this time I am ready to pay extra as long as I would not experience the same ordeal. What worried me that time is whether my skin will react to the fumes of the chemicals that will be used on my hair. My friends suggested Tony and Jackey, a salon which is becoming very popular in the Philippines. From its owner up to the stylists, all are Korean. I tried their haircut before. They were really good and you would feel that you are being pampered. However, it cost Php 500 and a haircut from an ordinary salon is just Php 50.

Before and After. Top, the Korean Hairstylist from Tony and Jackey did a great job

After receiving my 13th month pay, I went to their branch in Timog/ Morato which is just near our office and asked how much it would cost me. The price they quoted me was within the budget I allotted so I asked for a reservation on my rest day.

Stylists and Assistant Stylists, everyone was courteous. They asked if I wanted coffee or tea. Every time they hold my hair it was with utmost care. It was truly a service de luxe. The whole process lasted for more than 3 hours.  However, after they rinsed my hair there were still some curls. They were very apologetic and somehow concerned because I told them how disappointed I was with my previous salon experience and of course, their name is at stake. I explained that I understand and even console the stylist by saying that my hair is really difficult to fix. They asked me to go back after a few days for a reapplication. I said ok and went back on my next rest day. This time it went perfectly fine. I was really very satisfied with their work and it was the best result I got after years of having my hair done. Even if I tie my hair it doesn’t leave any mark or if it does once I wash it the mark is gone.

This is in Itaewon. He was very patient. I know he was already having a hard time with my hair.

Two weeks ago, I had to have my hair fixed. It happened sooner than I expected. It’s because of an activity that I need to participate in. When I searched the net I read reviews that it’s hard to find a salon where stylists are well versed with English. Fortunately, a friend recommended and even accompanied me in a salon in Itaewon. The shop was small but very busy so the stylists must be really very good. We didn’t have an appointment but I pleaded the stylists to accommodate me. They were also very courteous. They also offered coffee or tea and did everything to make me feel comfortable. One of the stylists tried to build rapport by talking about Philippines. Apparently, he stayed there for a few months. The treatment was quick, maybe less than 4 hours. They did a good job too which made me conclude that Koreans are really good when it comes to handling the hair and that their salons would give you the best service they can.

The other hairstylist’s name is Brian/ Bryan. Plus points for the guys because they can speak English well.


I forgot to mention that they don’t call it hair rebonding here. They simply call it hair straightening. I’ve heard some mention about Magic Straight but I’m not sure what it is.