Pseudo- introvert

Posted on June 11, 2011


That date is getting nearer and nearer yet most of my posts have not been published yet. Talk about procrastination. Lol.

We just had our midterm exam earlier and after that I bought a gelato then went back here in my room. My classmates probably are wondering what I do here aside from being online in FB all the time. Well, this is one of the things I do, writing (aside from eating and sleeping). I love to stroll but it’s too hot outside and I can’t be under the scorching heat that long.

After eating lunch I continued to kill time by watching Bubble Gang (a Filipino gag show) and read a few blog entries. However, whenever I look to my right, which is by the way a huge window which showcases buildings, houses etc sprawled in this part of Seoul, it makes me reflect and reevaluate my life now. Blame it to the blue sky and the picturesque view.

I’m talkative, mischievous and playful that is if I’m with someone I’m comfortable with or with someone whom I’ve been friends with for some time. Normally, in a room full of crowd, I’m still the quiet and timid Za. Ok, I’m still the I-don’t-care-who-these-other-people-are Za.  I’m always like that in the beginning that’s why oftentimes I’m either underestimated or misjudged.

It altered a bit now. At least now that I’m still here. Would you believe that I’m friendlier? I smile more often now and greet people even if I’m not in the mood. I’m kinder and picking fights has never been an option yet (is it even the right term? I’m no trouble maker but I know how to assert my rights, my close friends know what this means).  I started attending activities and events, sometimes I don’t wait for invitation anymore I ask for it. Just kidding.

I’m rambling nonsense. I think I’m not making my point.

What I’m trying to say is, being here and trying to be more independent has changed me. Little changes as of now but I perceive it as something for the better. From very introvert to a little introvert me. From the very scared to not so scared.  I am here to have my masters in a field of study unrelated to my undergraduate degree, that alone is a blessing but I guess more than anything else, I feel very fortunate and grateful with the lessons in life that I’m getting here in Korea. To me it is priceless.