Trick Art Exhibit

Posted on June 24, 2011


A friend invited me to the Trick Art Exhibit last night and although I’m already out of budget, I said yes after learning that it will be just until the 26th here in Seoul.

I first learned about Trick Art when I saw pictures of my classmates in Jeju Island and I find it very interesting. I thought that I can only enjoy it by going to the island and it was really a surprise that I can experience it here.

According to the official site of Korea Tourism Org, the one in Jeju is the first museum here in Korea to showcase optical illusion art.

The exhibit we visited is in the 6th floor of Techno Mart in Sindorim Station. Admission fee is 12, 000 won.

When we got inside the museum, I noticed that some of the exhibits’ tricks are easy to understand but some are not. Good thing that they posted demonstrations on the walls. The writings are in Korean but it comes along with a picture showing how you should pose to get the expected effect.

Overall, it’s really good for photo op especially if you have a good camera. I had so much fun goofing around with friends.

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