Visiting Inha University

Posted on June 30, 2011


Yesterday, it was raining hard but it was also a busy day for me.

A few days ago, another Filipina scholar invited me to her place. I agreed and we decided that I sleep over so we can have more bonding time. We planned that I would go there in the morning but because of the heavy rain plus an unexpected appointment I arrived late in the afternoon.

She stays in Incheon and is studying MA for Logistics in Inha University. Her house is one bus stop away from the school. Both of us were not really interested in hanging out somewhere else but we decided to have a walk around her school.

We entered through the back gate and this caught my attention. It looks similar to Rizal Park in Manila

She explained that there is a Korean Air plane inside the campus because one of the owners of the school is the owner of the said carrier

A group of girls were playing around on this spot and my friend asked me to stand in the middle and speak. My voice was amplified. Learning that I graduated from a Science high school she asked me to explain this. I told her I was just a mediocre student. It was the easiest answer to give.

Universities here in Korea are typically vast unlike in the Philippines and so I am always overwhelmed.

Another thing that is remarkable in universities here is that they have huge buildings as their libraries. In these libraries, there are study halls which are available 24/7 but the question is do these study halls really serve its purpose?

Inha University’s Library

For those interested, Inha University offers scholarships, please visit the following link:


  • I used the subway since I don’t know how to use the bus going there. I used Line 1 (Dark Blue Line) going to Incheon and I alighted at Juan Station.
  • From Juan Station, we boarded Bus # 511. According to my friend, last stop is Inha University.