Party @ The Residenz

Posted on July 8, 2011


Last May, I was invited to observe a party of the Swiss Embassy. They asked the catering services of Grand Hilton Hotel for the said event.

I was supposed to attend their party earlier that week, but since I had a class I wasn’t able to. I didn’t know that for that day it was a party for the stags.

When I arrived, the tables were already set and the party was about to start.

What really made me happy and excited was of course, the food.

Since I am unemployed, there is no way that I’ll be able to afford to eat in hotel buffets here so it was really a great opportunity.


 cheese, desserts, cold cuts

busy, busy, busy?

Traditional Yogurt Muesli.

They said, this is usually served as breakfast. It is made of oats, fruits and nuts. I was asked to try it, and since I don’t really like healthy foods plus it doesn’t really look enticing, I was hesitant but it tastes good and I consumed a bowl of it.

Apple Tart

The best I tasted so far.

more desserts

I wasn’t able to take note of the name of the dishes I tried but they were all good. Well, they should be.

Round 1.

Pasta that tasted like Carbonara but it’s not Carbonara. Shredded chicken in tomato sauce. Roasted pork with mustard sauce but for me, it could have been better  if it doesn’t have the mustard since I’m not a fan of it. Honeyed Pork Ribs. Apple Tart.

Round 2.

Fried rice. I missed it but since I ate a lot already I can’t get myself to eat more of it. Sausage and Chicken with Potatoes in Spicy Sauce, tastes like our Afritada

Round 3?

No, it’s not. While in the kitchen, the German chef asked me to taste this sausage mix which he made but was not served in the Buffet Table. He said it was only for the people in the kitchen.

Red and White Wines + Carrot Cake with Almonds

I’m fond of eating and I eat a lot but I am not adventurous when it comes to food. I don’t even like wines. During the party, they asked me to taste the wines. The wines were not from Hilton. They got it from the Ambassador’s stock. Even the chefs drank a lot because they said they don’t have it in Hilton.

As for the carrot cake, it’s not from Hilton as well. My Filipina friend baked it.  I don’t eat carrot cakes too but I had to at least taste it. After tasting it, I find it delicious and the rest is history. ;p

Chefs from Hilton. The head is a German and his assistant is a Korean.

Ate Rita and Ate Melba

They are my Filipino friends who work in The Residenz. Ate Rita is the cook and most of the times, when the couple throws a party, she’s the one who prepares the food.