The Residenz

Posted on July 8, 2011


My first Filipina friend here in Korea works in The Residenz, the name of the place where the Swiss Ambassador and his wife live.

I’ve learned from other Filipinos who are working for Ambassadors too, that most of them are not allowed to bring friends at work. It’s just normal because of safety and privacy issues. Some of them are even stay out, meaning they can’t stay at the same house where the Ambassador lives. Luckily, it was different for the Swiss Embassy, but it doesn’t mean that they can just bring friends anytime they wish. They still have to ask permission.

On my third day here in Korea, I was able to set foot in The Residenz and meet the Ambassador. We were not introduced formally at that time since he was in a hurry. After a couple of visits, I was able to meet the wife, Madam Fiorella, a very humble and generous woman despite her high profile status. After a week, I was invited to The Residenz to meet and greet the Ambassador. Yes, I met the Swiss Ambassador first before the Filipino Ambassador.

It’s such a privilege to know the couple, especially Madam. I never imagined that I would get to know people like them. Whenever I talk to them, they don’t emanate an aura that would intimidate me. That’s why I can talk to them comfortably. As for Madam, she is so kind hearted. At times, she invites me for lunch and she allows me to observe their parties. She also allows me to borrow books from their mini library.

I was told that Madame’s name means flower, and a flower is the first thing I received from her

I used to visit The Residenz weekly when I wasn’t that busy with schoolwork yet. Next week would be the start of our summer vacation and hopefully I can visit them.

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