Korean Dramas as an Escape and as Tourism Advocates

Posted on July 18, 2011


These past few years, Korea made a buzz in the international entertainment industry. K Pop has been very successful here in Asia and now it is starting to gain popularity in the western hemisphere. However, we cannot give all the credit to the music industry because Korean Dramas have been successful as well in captivating the hearts of millions of viewers.

Korean Drama being so popular, gained its fair share of criticism, being labeled as far fetched. While it is really not exactly the same as what is going on in real life I personally understand why many people are addicted to it. I am hooked in watching several Korean dramas too. ;p I find pleasure in viewing these dramas because as for me it is a form of escape. To some people, it’s like watching their very own life unfold in their television screens. So I beg to disagree to people who sees it as a form of stupidity. I’d rather call it a coping mechanism.

These drama series have been used several times too in promoting tourism here in Korea and so far these dramas have been showing positive results. It’s that effective that most of the filming locations, if not all, have been converted to tourist spots.

Below is a video from http://www.ibuzzkorea.com/ showcasing different filming locations.


How about you? Are you hooked with watching Korean Dramas too?

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