Disney Art Exhibit: A Dream Come True Indeed

Posted on July 19, 2011


A week before our semester ends, I was already excited with the thought that I’ll be exploring Seoul soon. As I was looking and planning for things to do for my vacation, I saw an article about an art exhibit. I may not know too much about art but yes I am fond of it especially paintings. What made me more enthusiastic about this one is because it features works from Disney animation and films.

So off I went to Seoul Arts Center, where the exhibit is.

I went alone. I was confident that I will arrive there without any hassle until I realized that  I boarded a bus that doesn’t have an English voice message for the bus stops. I started to panic. When I checked the map it is showing different landmarks even if the bus is going to the right direction.  Luckily, another girl is on her way to Seoul Arts Center too.

I was in a hurry because I only have about an hour and thirty minutes to enjoy the different art works since the gallery closes at 8:00 PM. Hangaram Design Museum is in the first floor.

The cost of the ticket for adults is 14,000 won but if you are a foreigner you get to have a 10% discount. They also have special rates for families, groups, senior citizens, registered disabled and veterans.

Before entering the gallery, you also have the option to rent an audio guide. It is available in Korean and in English.

Dreams Come True is an exhibit organized by The Walt Disney Animation Research Library. The exhibit is on world tour and Korea is its third venue. They’ve been to US and Australia.

As soon as I entered the gallery, it felt like it was a blast from the past. I can’t find the exact word to describe what I was feeling at that time but I was really happy. Too bad, taking pictures is prohibited.

I remember, when I was a child, I always wonder how they make the cartoons that I’m always watching. Yesterday, I was able to see original drafts from Silly Symphonies’ Three Little Pigs, The Pied Piper and Ugly Duckling complete with notes and remarks.

This is a copy of one of the drafts in the exhibit. The camera should only capture what is inside the red box.

The gallery also has drafts and lyric sheets from unproduced animation like Hansel and Gretel.

There were also cel acetates and paintings for Disney Princesses like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Belle. I wish there was something from Mulan too. She happens to be one of my favorites.

The film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a huge risk that Walt Disney had to take. Hollywood did not believe in it but he did. It was Disney’s first cel animated feature length movie.

They also displayed actual desks used by animators before.

It was very informative. When I watched Sleeping Beauty when I was a kid I never imagined that it was 6 years in the making.

It is also explained in the exhibit why Disney’s version of  fairy tales is so deviated from the other versions, specifically, with how the characters like the villains die. Disney explained that  he designed his versions in a way where it will leave “pleasantness” in children’s mind.

I enjoyed the collection so much and it could have been better if I was with a friend. I figured as well that an hour and a half is not enough.

The collection ends with the works for Tangled which is the latest work of Disney. It is also their first computer generated fairy tale.

I got these post cards from the souvenir shop beside the gallery’s entrance.

Somehow, I can’t believe there are many heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me can be summarized in 4 C’s. They are curiosity, confidence, courage and constancy, and the greatest is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe it all over. Implicitly and unquestioningly

-Walt Disney

Do you like Disney characters too? This exhibit might be also for you.

Getting to Seoul Arts Center:

  • From Exit 5 Nambu Bus Terminal (Line 3), ride bus # 4429 or the Seoul Arts Center’s shuttle which is bus # 11. I used 4429 and alighted at the second bus stop right after the overpass.

Going back to the subway:

  • There’s a bus stop (bus #11)  just in front of the entrance of the Seoul Arts Center. Second bus stop (if I remember it correctly) would be subway, Nambu Bus Terminal station.