Korean Tourism, Making a Buzz

Posted on August 4, 2011


After being here for four months, I realized that there are a lot of interesting places and things to do not just here in Seoul but in the whole South Korea. I was kind of pessimistic though, knowing that I have very limited budget to spend in getting around.

So, my search in the net and travel guides for cheap places and activities began. That’s the time when I discovered how South Korean government is aggressive in promoting their country’s tourism industry.I found several websites, geared towards promoting not just places of interests but Korean cultural experience as well. Surprisingly, there are several places to visit and things to do for minimal fee if not for free.

One of the sites I found is buzz Korea. It is a campaign by Korean Tourism Organization to make people aware of Korean places, culture and tradition through social networking sites.  Buzz Korea is available in three languages, namely: English, Japanese and Chinese. To me, it symbolizes their efforts in making their country more tourist friendly.

What I like about it is that it features blog entries by foreigners regarding their own Korean experience.

Moreover, they incorporated to their site, an interactive, which they named Touch Korea. The interactive is designed like a board game and when you click on the counters/pieces it will  give you details on places or activities it represents. It makes the site more interesting because it boosts one’s imagination about South Korea.

Their promotion doesn’t end there. They also have commercials and this one made me really interested to know more about Korean Culture:

How well do you know Korea? Come and meet the charms of Korea at Touch Korea! You are warmly invited!

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