Our Starbucks Mission

Posted on August 8, 2011


Last January, after we redeemed our Starbucks planner, some of my friends and I had a crazy idea. Since this year’s planner features some of their nice stores all over Philippines, we agreed that each of us should visit as many featured stores as we can. The condition was to have our picture taken outside the store or anywhere in the store that could help us identify which store it is from the planner. Moreover, we should  take a picture of the receipt.   The winner would have, oh well, bragging rights. Lol.

At that time, nobody knows that I already have a pending university application and I wasn’t even sure if it’s going to push through so I made a deal with them.

Once in a while I buy frappe, signature chocolate (hot and iced), bagel or other pastries  but I wasn’t really that fond of buying from them since I find it overpriced (Note: I’m not fond of buying but if someone buys it for me that’s another story). However, I liked the idea because it has been my habit, whenever I’m not in Metro Manila, to look for the stores I’m familiar with and experience how their service is in a different location.

The plan stayed as a plan after I got the news regarding my application.

Last year, I read a blog about a Starbucks shop here in Korea which they say is unique because the name Starbucks is written in Hangeul script  rather than Phonetic Alphabet. So, I decided that I want to have my first Korean Starbucks experience in that store. I found it months ago but it was only yesterday that I had a chance to buy from that store. Talk about delaying gratification.

Their menu is different from what we have back home. There are some flavors I’m familiar with but their names were altered.

The pastry selection is different too. They don’t have the Classic Chocolate Cake.

The one I want is not in the store’s menu but I know I’ve seen it in another Starbucks shop so I still ordered it.

What I noticed is that the Starbucks partner didn’t ask for my name. Instead, after making your drink they will say the name of your drink aloud. I’m not sure if it’s just in that store but for me, it just doesn’t feel right.

Since the store is in Insa- dong, which is a tourist spot, I already expected that it would be crowded.

Another major difference is that wifi is free but back home you need to pay for it and it’s not cheap.

Since I suddenly remembered our deal yesterday here’s what I did.

Hopefully, once I get back to Philippines, we can continue with our foolish yet fun activity.

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