Saying Goodbye to Rm 1403

Posted on September 21, 2011


On the day I arrived here, I didn’t know what my room would look like. When I was escorted in the 14th floor, as soon as the coordinator opened the door of Rm 1403, everything felt surreal.

If you’ve seen our home in Manila you’d understand.

Room 1403, I must say is equivalent to some of the three star or first class hotels I’ve seen in the Philippines.

The only people I know who stays in a room like this for a long period are the expats from my previous company. ^_^

In the morning, when I wake up and open the curtains, this is what I see.

Night scene is as interesting because I have always been delighted with the sight of city lights.

Who wouldn’t get attached to this room, given that you formerly live in a slum?

The room is conveniently located in the same building where our classrooms are. Moreover, two ajummas clean the rooms twice a week.

The ajummas I ♥.

They try to communicate with me even if we don’t speak the same language

When I learned that 13th floor was converted into dorm rooms for international students and researchers I wasn’t happy. I knew I had to transfer. However, it’s something inevitable.

With the way I felt about transferring yesterday, there is no doubt that I got attached to the room.  We were in a relationship. ^^

In  relationships, when you see breaking up coming, you’ll work on your mindset in hopes of making it less painful but when it ends and you have to leave, no matter how prepared you are it still hurts.

Staying in a new place marks the stage of moving on but everything’s a mess and you don’t know where to start. You’d feel exhausted but you know you have to begin.

Eventually, you’ll be able to fix the mess one at a time. Surely, you won’t be able to arrange everything abruptly but at least you have started.

Then, you would realize that nothing still compares to what you had. Simply because each relationship is unique and incomparable.

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