The Namsan Cable Car

Posted on January 11, 2012


One way of going to Namsan Tower is by cable car. It became more popular because it has been used in some Korean dramas and the last one I am aware of is Boys Over Flowers.

The first time I went to Namsan was by bus so earlier I decided to try the cable car. I wasn’t really excited but I don’t want to wonder how it feels like to be in a cable car for the rest of my life.

As soon as I got out of the subway station, an ajumma approached me and talked to me in Japanese.  I didn’t understand so I continued walking. Towards the stairs to the cable car station, I saw several Koreans standing. I knew they were waiting for tourists and when I reached the stairs, another ajumma went near me and talked to me in Mandarin. I simply shook my head and she went away.

The route of the cable car is just short. But then again, I just wanted to try so up I went to buy my ticket.

People didn’t wait for the bell maybe because they want to be in their preferred spot.

I wasn’t able to get the spot beside the window so it was a bit difficult taking pictures and recording videos.

It was a short ride, probably less than 15 minutes and I wasn’t thrilled maybe because I already experienced zip lining. I think if you’ve done zip lining before, this wouldn’t appeal that much anymore. But an advantage of the cable car is if you’re from Myeong-dong and you want to get to Namsan fast this would be a great way.

If you watched Boys Over Flowers you’d be looking for this vendo machine. When I bought my ticket I didn’t see it so I thought they removed it already.

How to get to the cable car station:

  1.  Go out from Exit 3 of Myeong-dong Station.
  2. Walk towards Pacific Hotel. Facing Pacific Hotel there are two ways, in the left and in the right. The information I found from the web says to just walk straight but since I saw more people coming from the right, I went that way.
  3. Then you’d see wooden stairs. You’d see the cables for the cars too. You have to go up.
  4. Walk a bit and on your right you’d see the cable car station

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