Namsan’s Teddy Bear Museum

Posted on January 15, 2012


Our parents were generous in buying us toys but I can’t remember them buying us teddy bears. I think my interest with teddy bears is a subconscious way of compensating because we didn’t  have one when we were still kids. But even if I’m so fond of teddy bears I feel the opposite  when it comes to buying it. I don’t find it practical. So, all the teddy bears I have back home were gifts.

I first learned about the teddy bear museum in a Korean drama that my sisters and I were watching before. They filmed in Jeju Island and I thought that it’s the only teddy bear museum here. Imagine how excited I was when I learned that there is another one in Namsan Tower’s basement.

I thought that the museum is about teddy bear history but when I got in I found out that they made diorama depicting past and present Korea and they used teddy bears.

Each diorama has a detector and once it senses movement, a background music is automatically played and some of the teddy bears move.

Exhibit I: The Past

Exhibit II: The Present

In fairness, towards the end of the 2nd exhibit, they displayed some few old teddy bears.

More of Steiff Teddy Bears but this time with the buttons.

The yellow tags in the ears are pinned using buttons. “Button in ear” is a proof that it is an authentic Steiff teddy bear.

Some  friends find it childish and some have been there already. So, I went alone. Most of the times, when I really want to do something, I don’t care about what others would say  and I don’t mind doing it on my own. Anyway, it’s about my own happiness. 🙂


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