War Memorial of Korea

Posted on February 8, 2012


It was Sunday and it was cold outside. I woke up late. I was lazy to go out but Sundays are for church and for the people I’ve treated as my family. They wanted to visit the place so I agreed to meet them there.

War Memorial wasn’t among the places I’m interested to visit because when I searched about it online I didn’t find much pictures and the reviews say that it was for history enthusiasts.

The place is huge and from the road you have to walk for a couple of minutes to reach the entrance of the building. As soon as I got inside, we started our tour.

War Memorial of Korea is composed of three floors and as the name implies it exhibits things used and the kind of life Koreans experienced during the war. The museum entrance is located on the second floor.

When we got inside, what caught my attention is this:

THE DROP. Military dog tags shaped to form a tear drop.

Around The Drop, they displayed the different uniforms used by the soldiers from different countries during the Korean War.

Former President Ramos’ Military Uniform

As we walked farther inside the hall, we saw dioramas depicting the hardships Koreans have to endure because of the war.

Other things to see are defense equipments of ROK  and the various uniforms they have.

They also have combat experience room, audio- visual room, cinema and shooting area which was closed during the time of our visit.

Future Warrior

It turned out to be a great experience and the effort they’ve dedicated for the place is seen on their exhibits. What’s more amazing about War Memorial is that the admission is free.

How to get there:

Line 4/6 Samgakji Station, exit 12, just follow the sidewalk

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