Why I Wanted to Go to Lotte World

Posted on February 20, 2012


Lotte World is a major tourist attraction here in Seoul.  Aside from having the world’s largest indoor theme park it also has the Star Avenue for Korean Wave fans.

During holidays like Chuseok and Seollal, amusement parks like Lotte World give discounts to foreigners.


If it was not for the discount I wouldn’t go because the regular price is expensive for me.

The first time I’ve been to Lotte World was last Chuseok. We went there for the ice skating rink so we were not able to go inside the theme park. We were able to see the Star Avenue too but we didn’t go inside since that would cost us another KRW 10,000. Fortunately, I didn’t need to pay that amount to take pictures of what my sisters and friends like. The items were displayed outside the entrance of the actual Star Avenue area.

I really wanted to see what’s inside the theme park so last Seollal (January 24) I went there with my Filipino family here.

My sister and I learned about Lotte World when I was in fourth grade. One day our mama brought home their brochure and being kids we liked what we saw. Of course we know about Disneyland but at that time the one in Hong Kong doesn’t exist yet so we felt like going to Lotte World is more feasible than going to Tokyo Disneyland.

This is the reason why I was so eager to experience Lotte World. The moment I stepped inside I wished that my sisters and brother were with me.

The carousel in Stairway to Heaven

I didn’t expect too much from the place. Now that I’m more than a decade older after seeing that brochure, I know very well that actual places look different from the pictures in the ads. Still, it didn’t stop me from being euphoric.

There were a lot of people as expected. Who wouldn’t want discounts? I even remember a friend telling me not to buy anything here in Korea if it’s not on a discount. We spent at least 30 minutes in queuing per ride but still I think what we paid for was  just right.

For me, the regular price of the ticket is not worth it unless you’d be able to enjoy all the rides. Riding everything may be possible especially if there’s not too much crowd but enjoying the rides is a different thing.

I know… it looks like…

Magic Island is the outdoor part of the amusement park and is an artificial island.

I wanted to try it but I can’t do it alone. I want someone to ride it with me.

In some kiosks, they wouldn’t allow you to take pictures  of Lotty and Lorry unless you purchase an item

I’d like to go back when climate is much warmer, if the ticket price is discounted again and if I find someone who’d ride the Gyro Drop with me. ^^

How to get there:

Jamsil Station, Line 2 and 8, Exit 4; If you need directions, there’s a tourist information counter in front of the fountain (the one that looks like Trevi Fountain in Rome).

For the Lotte Star Avenue, you have to take Exit 3. It’s in the underground floor from Lotte World’s South Gate.

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