Preview of WICKED The Musical

Posted on March 26, 2012


Last Thursday, I attended a promotional event for Wicked (The Musical) which was held in Samsung D’light in Gangnam.

As soon as the visitors entered the venue, they were provided with a Wicked Info Kit and a Wicked notepad. There was also a photo zone where guests could have their pictures taken with a Wicked poster as backdrop. What’s interesting though is there were props like broomsticks, witch hats and wands provided.

Everywhere you look would remind you of the blockbuster musical. Even the brownies and cakes that were served had green frosting.


During the program, they played a short film which showed how Wicked set is prepared and there was also an interview of the people behind the creative team. They shared some details on how Wicked was conceived.

A speaker was also invited to give tips on how the audience could enjoy watching  Wicked which made me realize that’s the reason why they gave out notepads. 🙂

The program ended with a pop quiz and winners were awarded but I’m not sure if those were Wicked merchandise because the prizes were in gift bags.


Wicked is a story about two witches who have very different personalities and the same love interest. The two eventually became good friends. It is an adaptation of a novel with the same title and is connected to The Wizard of Oz.  The musical will be shown here in Seoul starting May 31st in Blue Square.

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