How I Got to Busan and How I Returned to Seoul

Posted on April 3, 2012


In line with the Visit Korea Project, one of the initiatives of the Korea Tourism Organization to boost tourism not just here in Seoul but in other cities of South Korea is by providing free shuttle buses to Jeonju and Busan for foreigners.

Initially, when I was planning my Busan trip, I thought of using the Korea Train Express (KTX) one way and the free shuttle for the other.

KTX is a bullet train and yes I’m eager to try it because we don’t have it back home. Thank God for Science books at least I know that these  things exist.

For someone who’s financially challenged like me ^^, I carefully thought about it and decided to use the free shuttle to and from Busan. KTX one- way fare costs around 51,000 KRW  which I thought I can use for something else while in Busan. Anyway, time wasn’t really an issue since it’s my winter break.

So, I scheduled for a round trip ticket to Busan in this site. They only have one trip each day and no trips on Mondays.

If you’re going to Busan, you have to be at Dong Hwa Duty Free Shop in Gwanghwamun, which is their terminal, at least 15 minutes before 8:00 AM. According to the expected time of arrival they provided it will take us 6 hours to get there.

But my plans changed again, and this is  why I like traveling alone, I can always do that depending on my mood and needs ^^. I decided to take KTX later that day.

I went to Seoul station and purchased a ticket for their 4:30 trip.

The train ride felt like a plane ride but a bit bumpy. What I did the entire trip is to observe the monitor where they display the station names and the train’s speed. The fastest speed we reached during that trip was 296 km/hr.

When it was about time to go back to Seoul, I made sure that I’ll be able to use the free shuttle because I spent a bit more than the budget I allotted for the trip. I arrived in Busan Lotte Hotel in Seomyon 30 minutes before 4:00 PM and I’m glad I did that because at that time there were a group of tourists who were chance passengers and if I have been late, most likely, my slot have been given away.

If you experienced riding a bus from Singapore to Malaysia or vice versa, their buses are the same.  They are spacious and comfortable.

On our way back to Seoul, we had a chance to use the washroom once when the bus stopped in a place in Gumi. We arrived in Seoul after 4 hours of bus ride maybe because traffic was not bad that night.

Using the free shuttle, especially if you have the luxury time is a wise choice.

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