Done Watching Wicked.Yey!

Posted on June 3, 2012


May 31st. I waited for it for months. It was the opening night for Wicked here in Seoul and I made sure that I won’t be late. From our office in Yeoksam, I went straight to Hanganjin Station (Line 6) where Blue Square Concert Hall is located.

While waiting for the ticket counters to open, I checked the merchandise they’re selling and the little costume exhibit they have.

I like their glitter globe, the black tee and their CD for the tracks used in the musical but it will cost me more than 150 bucks so I controlled myself. I ended up buying the program (it has English translation) and ref magnets. But I’m still thinking if I should go back and buy the CD. I still have more than a month left. 🙂

A few minutes before 8 PM we were allowed to get inside. The theater has three floors. I was seated on the first floor and there were more ushers and usherettes there. Not just to help us find our seats but also to remind people that taking pictures is not allowed.

There were several screens on the stage and just as I thought, the screens were used to display Korean subtitles because the performance is in English.

The musical targets teens but you would still enjoy it even if you’re twen-teen or older. The show is really spectacular and I’m not saying it because it’s my favorite. The actors and actresses played their roles very well and the creative team did a great job especially with the stage design and effects. The last musical I was able to watch is CATS and personally, I find Wicked better.

The show finished at past ten and they prepared a space for a meet and greet of the cast. They even served some snacks and drinks. I’m not sure whether it was for everyone but back home you can only have an access to an after party like that if you have an invitation which is usually provided to very important customers of the major sponsors.

I expected that I’ll be happy after watching it but what I didn’t expect is that I’ll miss my friends terribly. If you’re about to watch it, my advice is to do it with friends. 🙂

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