Yeosu Expo 2012: Singapore Pavilion

Posted on July 28, 2012


I wasn’t prepared when I went to the expo last week. I started searching for expo details, jimjilbangs and guesthouses a day before I went there. What made me curious though is that in all of the forum threads I visited and blog posts I read, Singapore Pavilion is consistently mentioned as one of the must see in the expo. There was even one blog post that mentioned that the queue may be long but it was all worth it. It’s such a strong statement.

When my friend and I arrived in the expo on Saturday afternoon, we saw that the queue was ridiculously long so we decided to visit the pavilion the next morning.

On our second day, when we checked the pavilion in the morning, the line was already long but not like when we first saw it. We queued for probably 15- 20 minutes and we were able to get in.

We are small yet we dream big.

We first entered a dark room with blue led lights around it and they played a record narrating the story of Singapore.

Then, we were led to the next room, which for me is the highlight of Singapore’s pavilion.

It was only during the tour of their pavilion that I learned that Singapore used to be a landfill. It made me admire the small country more.

Of all the 14 country pavilions we visited, which includes Japan, for me, Singapore Pavilion is the best.

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