JUMP: A Comic Martial Arts Performance

Posted on November 9, 2012


Here in South Korea, they have a lot of non verbal performances featuring Korean culture like Nanta, Miso, JUMP etc. but because tickets are not really cheap for me, I’ve decided to pick one show that I would watch before I leave. I’ve chosen JUMP. I first learned about it when I watched the Thai movie, Hello Stranger. I have to admit that the movie was effective in promoting JUMP.  It persuaded me.

Luckily, last week, I received an email from Korea Tourism Organization on how I can watch JUMP for free. I sent them my details and after a couple of days I received the instructions on when I can watch it and a map on how to get there.

JUMP is being shown in the 5th floor of Seoul Cinema and it’s kind of tricky getting there if you’re not familiar with the area. I almost missed the show last Wednesday because I had a hard time finding it. The map that I received wasn’t really very clear and I was also at fault because I didn’t analyze the map carefully thinking that as soon as I get out of the subway I would see it immediately or some markers that would point me to its direction. I arrived at the venue at exactly 4:00 PM, the time the show starts.

JUMP consists of 4 episodes and runs for 80 minutes. It’s comedy but for the first 20 minutes I didn’t find it funny. On the contrary, the ladies seated behind me were laughing very hard so I thought that it must be just because of my different sense of humor. It got interesting though when they asked some people from the audience to participate and from that point forward I laughed a lot until the show ended.

We were ushered to the exit and we were informed that there would be a signing event by the cast. There are of course merchandise for sale and they’re selling each poster for KRW 1,000. The audience that day are mostly kids on a school trip and they were really delighted. In fairness to the cast, I’m sure they were tired but aside from smiling and posing in front of the cameras they exerted extra effort by talking to the kids.


VIP– KRW 60,000; R– KRW 50,000; S– KRW 40,000


Take Line 1,3 or 5 and alight at Jongno 3(sam)-ga and use exit 14. Currently, there’s Shinhan Bank on the right. You don’t have to cross the street anymore. Turn right and walk straight and you’ll see the big poster for JUMP.

Show schedule depends on the day.

Taking pictures or videos is not allowed once you’re inside the theater.

Discounted tickets for other shows are available in Korea in Motion Festival site.

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