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Yeosu Expo 2012: Singapore Pavilion

July 28, 2012


I wasn’t prepared when I went to the expo last week. I started searching for expo details, jimjilbangs and guesthouses a day before I went there. What made me curious though is that in all of the forum threads I visited and blog posts I read, Singapore Pavilion is consistently mentioned as one of the must […]

This Year’s Christmas

December 29, 2011


I always hear Filipinos who live abroad say that they prefer to spend Christmas in the Philippines not just because of their families but because of the festive mood. Indeed, Christmas is really different back home. As early as September, radio stations play Christmas songs and by October you will see Christmas trees in most […]

Saying Goodbye to Rm 1403

September 21, 2011


On the day I arrived here, I didn’t know what my room would look like. When I was escorted in the 14th floor, as soon as the coordinator opened the door of Rm 1403, everything felt surreal. If you’ve seen our home in Manila you’d understand. Room 1403, I must say is equivalent to some […]

Food in Korea: Ssam, Rice in a Bamboo and Neobiani

August 31, 2011


It is a common knowledge among my friends that I am not adventurous when it comes to food. So when we were informed during the Real Touch Korea Tour that we will have Ssam for lunch I was relieved though I must say I’m not a fan of healthy food like vegetables. When you wrap […]

DMZ Made Me Read History

August 20, 2011


After the news of my resignation reached my American Boss, he came to my station and asked me, “Why Korea?” I just stared at him and smiled, like I always do when I don’t want to explain. Then, he started talking to me about Korea, specifically the DMZ.  It was just one of the several […]

Korean Tourism, Making a Buzz

August 4, 2011


After being here for four months, I realized that there are a lot of interesting places and things to do not just here in Seoul but in the whole South Korea. I was kind of pessimistic though, knowing that I have very limited budget to spend in getting around. So, my search in the net […]

Korean Dramas as an Escape and as Tourism Advocates

July 18, 2011


These past few years, Korea made a buzz in the international entertainment industry. K Pop has been very successful here in Asia and now it is starting to gain popularity in the western hemisphere. However, we cannot give all the credit to the music industry because Korean Dramas have been successful as well in captivating […]