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Jimjilbang: Where I Spent My Three Nights in Busan

March 5, 2012


As a budget traveler, usually I couch surf or stay in hostels. Personally, my rule is to spend less for accommodation as much as possible. After all, I just need a place where I can sleep and use the bathroom. For those who travel light and are budget conscious, South Korea has jimjilbangs. A jimjilbang […]

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Winter

February 22, 2012


I don’t know much about the history of Gyeongbok Palace. All I know is that it is the biggest and the main palace among the Five Grand Palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. Last year,  I intentionally avoided visiting the place because I want to go there this year. I want to take its picture for […]

Why I Wanted to Go to Lotte World

February 20, 2012


Lotte World is a major tourist attraction here in Seoul.  Aside from having the world’s largest indoor theme park it also has the Star Avenue for Korean Wave fans. During holidays like Chuseok and Seollal, amusement parks like Lotte World give discounts to foreigners. TICKET PRICE If it was not for the discount I wouldn’t […]

War Memorial of Korea

February 8, 2012


It was Sunday and it was cold outside. I woke up late. I was lazy to go out but Sundays are for church and for the people I’ve treated as my family. They wanted to visit the place so I agreed to meet them there. War Memorial wasn’t among the places I’m interested to visit […]

Namsan’s Teddy Bear Museum

January 15, 2012


Our parents were generous in buying us toys but I can’t remember them buying us teddy bears. I think my interest with teddy bears is a subconscious way of compensating because we didn’t  have one when we were still kids. But even if I’m so fond of teddy bears I feel the opposite  when it […]

Seoul’s Namsan Tower

January 12, 2012


My friend asked me, “What is Seoul’s famous landmark? If Paris has Eiffel Tower and London has Big Ben, what’s for Seoul?” The question shocked me. It was tough. It took me a few seconds to react. I was unsure but I confidently said, “Namsan Tower.” Fortunately, I sounded convincing but deep inside I’m not […]

The Namsan Cable Car

January 11, 2012


One way of going to Namsan Tower is by cable car. It became more popular because it has been used in some Korean dramas and the last one I am aware of is Boys Over Flowers. The first time I went to Namsan was by bus so earlier I decided to try the cable car. […]