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JUMP: A Comic Martial Arts Performance

November 9, 2012


Here in South Korea, they have a lot of non verbal performances featuring Korean culture like Nanta, Miso, JUMP etc. but because tickets are not really cheap for me, I’ve decided to pick one show that I would watch before I leave. I’ve chosen JUMP. I first learned about it when I watched the Thai […]

Yeosu Expo 2012: Singapore Pavilion

July 28, 2012


I wasn’t prepared when I went to the expo last week. I started searching for expo details, jimjilbangs and guesthouses a day before I went there. What made me curious though is that in all of the forum threads I visited and blog posts I read, Singapore Pavilion is consistently mentioned as one of the must […]

Jimjilbang: Where I Spent My Three Nights in Busan

March 5, 2012


As a budget traveler, usually I couch surf or stay in hostels. Personally, my rule is to spend less for accommodation as much as possible. After all, I just need a place where I can sleep and use the bathroom. For those who travel light and are budget conscious, South Korea has jimjilbangs. A jimjilbang […]

DMZ Made Me Read History

August 20, 2011


After the news of my resignation reached my American Boss, he came to my station and asked me, “Why Korea?” I just stared at him and smiled, like I always do when I don’t want to explain. Then, he started talking to me about Korea, specifically the DMZ.  It was just one of the several […]